Performance Standards

Lt. Marcus Haynes                                                                                                      Professional Standards Manager 

The Professional Standards Manager/Accreditation Manager is tasked with managing the assessment and evaluation of department past, present and future service levels/performance to ensure compliance with professional standards and accreditation requirements. The department’s Professional Standards Manager also assist with maintaining the department’s ISO Class 1 rating and teaching various classes within the department.  The Professional Standards Manager's work will allow the Valdosta Fire Department to compare their overall performance to industry best practices in order to: 

  • Determine community risk and safety needs and develop community-specific Standards of Cover.
  • Evaluate the performance of the department.
  • Establish a method for achieving continuous organizational improvement. 

This in return provides the measuring criteria for our local government to assess the professional performance and efficiency of the department. 

The following is a list of benefits that this process provides the department and the community it serves.

  • Assures colleagues and the public that the department has definite missions and objectives that are appropriate for the jurisdictions served.
  • Provides a detailed evaluation of the services provided to the community
  • Determines community risk and safety needs
  • Creates a mechanism for developing strategic and program action plans
  • Evaluates the performance of the department
  • Establishes a method for achieving continuous organizational improvements
  • Helps to justify programs and budgetary needs through performance measurements
  • Helps to identify strengths and weaknesses within the department
  • Creates methods or systems for addressing deficiencies while building organizational success
  • Identifies potential risks and enables the department to effectively mitigate emergencies with appropriate resources
  • Fosters national recognition by colleagues and the public




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