Larry Ogden Honored as March Employee of the Month

Valdosta Mayor John Gayle honored Larry Ogden as the March 2019 Employee of the Month at the March 7, City Council meeting. Ogden received a framed certificate, a check for $200, and his name will appear on a plaque displayed in City Hall.

Larry Ogden began his employment with the City of Valdosta Engineering Department, November 1997, and currently holds the position of Traffic Manager in the Traffic and Street Management Division of the Engineering Department. Traffic and Street Managers are responsible for managing the operations of the Traffic and Street Maintenance Divisions with the Engineering Department. They oversee 14 other positions, coordinate activities of the Traffic Division Staff, and prepares and issues employee work assignments. Traffic and Streets Managers also coordinate wireless and fiber projects, ensures that all traffic systems are operational, oversees the daily operations of the wireless, fiber optic and CCTV network systems, and investigates all matters and complaints related to traffic control systems, fiber optics, signage, marks, potholes, street curbs, and driveway aprons and sidewalk repairs. 

Mr. Ogden started his career in the Sign Shop and worked his way up to be promoted to Traffic and Sign Manager. He sets high standards of competence and performance of himself. This past year, Mr. Ogden's efforts have been outstanding from carefully overseeing and managing the installation of new equipment for all 128 signaled intersections City-wide to the installation of new-operation-system software and equipment within the TMC. Due to Larry's action, the City of Valdosta is the first in Georgia to employ a completely wireless SMART system City-wide. Larry monitored and recommended system adjustments to ensure AM and PM peak traffic flow at the new Valdosta High School. Since assuming his role as Traffic and Street Manager, traffic and signal complaints have significantly dropped. Larry has significantly improved internal operations by choosing and promoting outstanding individuals to fill vital positions. 

The City of Valdosta Engineering Department is elated by Larry's reliability, quality of work, innovative cost-saving ideas, and attitude during his 21 years with the City. 

Posted by Ashlyn Becton Friday, March 8, 2019 5:43:00 PM Categories: Engineering Press Release Public Information