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Staff Directory

Name Dept. Title Phone Number 
Ashlyn Becton Public Information Public Information Officer 229-259-3548
Marcus McConico Public Information Metro Channel 17 Coordinator 229-671-3615
Teresa Bolden City Manager's Office City Clerk 229-259-3503
Chuck Dinkins Finance Director 229-259-3519
Vanassa Flucas Neighborhood Development Director 229-671-3617
Richard Joyner Neighborhood Development Construction Coordinator 229-259-3534
Sarah Lowe Neighborhood Development Administrative Technician 229-671-3617
Matt Martin Planning & Zoning Director 229-259-3563
Ellen Hill Main Street Director 229-259-3577
Rachel Thrasher Main Street Program Coordinator 229-259-3577
Catherine Nita Human Resources HR Director 229-259-3544
Berna Hepburn Human Resources HR Generalist  229-259-3546
Latoya Robinson Human Resources HR Coordinator  229-259-3544
Amanda Hendricks Human Resources SR HR Specialist   229-259-3544
Leslie Manahan Police Chief of Police 229-293-3100
Becky Parker-Hall Valdosta/Lowndes Regional Crime Lab Director 229-333-1989
Bobbi McGraw Police Commander, Bureau of Support Services 229-293-3135
Bernard Robinson Police Commander, Bureau of Patrol Services 229-293-3104
Leslie Manahan Police Commander, Bureau of Investigative Service 229-293-3108
Freddie Broome Fire Fire Chief 229-333-1835
Darryl Muse Utilities Director 229-259-3592
Mark Coppage Public Works Sunset Hill Cemetery Supervisor 229-333-1815
Richard Hardy Public Works Director 229-259-3585
Scott Fowler Utilities Environmental Manager 229-259-3592
Larry Ogden Engineering Traffic Manager 229-259-3530
Kevin Jenkins Engineering City Arborist 229-259-3530
Jason Barnes Utilities Water Plant Supervisor 229-333-1832
Feretz Berrien Utilities Sewer Collection Supervisor


Ronnie Lancaster Utilities Backflow Prevention Technician 229-259-3592
Joseph Gangler Utilities F.O.G. Prevention Technician 229-259-3592
Thomas Hess Utilities Central Maintenance Supt. 229-259-3592
Sheldon Irvin Utilities Central Lines Superintendent 229-259-3592
Stanley Keith Martin Utilities Mud Creek Superintendent 229-333-1855
Marion McQueen Utilities Warehouse Supervisor 229-259-3593
Eric Moore Utilities Water Distribution Supervisor 229-359-3592
Deborah White Utilities Operations Coordinator 229-259-3592
Monica Nelson Utilities Utility Billing Manager 229-259-3552
William R. Cornelius Utilities Withlacoochee Superintendent 229-333-1857
David Frost Utilities Assistant Director 229-259-3592
Kenneth Lowe Utilities Mud Creek Asst. Superintendent 229-333-1855
Diane Carter

Development Services

Development Process Coordinator 229-259-3562
Ted Bilak Development Services Plans Examiner 229-671-3651
Stephanie Blanton Development Services Plans Coordinator Technician 229-671-3651
Sabrina Brown Development Services Permit Clerk 229-259-3506
Belinda Ward Development Services Permit Clerk 229-259-3506
Dennis Perkins Development Services Building Inspector 229-259-3506
Mark Flythe Development Services Plumbing Inspector 229-259-3506
Tim Hines Development Services Electrical Inspector 229-259-3506
Tony Drake Development Services Mechanical Inspector 229-259-3506
Rick Mefford Development Services Mechanical Inspector 229-259-3506
James Horton Planning & Zoning Historic Preservation & Special Projects Planner 229-259-3563
Tracy Tolley Planning & Zoning Zoning Coordinator 229-259-3563
Alexandra Arzayus Planning & Zoning Planning & Zoning Technician 229-259-3563
Angela Bray Engineering Stormwater Manager 229-259-3530
Johnny Caillier Engineering TMC Technician 229-259-3530
Bo Bewley Engineering Traffic Management Center 229-259-3530
Patrick Collins Engineering City Engineer 229-259-3530
Luis Colon Engineering Construction Inspector 229-259-3530
David Herron Engineering Construction Inspector 229-259-3530
Willie Jones, Jr. Engineering Stormwater Technician 229-259-3530
Scott Nobles Engineering Stormwater Supervisor 229-259-3530
James Brown Engineering Construction Inspector 229-259-3530
Cindy Randall Engineering Administrative Assistant 229-259-3530
William Sims Engineering Survey / GIS Technician 229-259-3530
Kevin Tolliver Engineering Engineering Project Manager 229-259-3530
Taylor Marzell City Manager's Office Associate City Clerk 229-259-3504
James Clinkscales  Fire Fire Marshal 229-333-1835
James Dean Community Protection City Marshal 229-259-3554
Rick Folsom Community Protection City Marshal 229-259-3554
Mike Pieper Community Protection City Marshal 229-259-3554
Tom Meyer Community Protection City Marshal 229-259-3554
Mike Meyer Community Protection City Marshal 229-259-3554
Tonja Shackelford Public Works Operations Coordinator 229-671-3640
Demarcus Marshall Public Works Public Works Superintendent 229-259-3599
Anthony Musgrove Public Works Operations Superintendent 229-259-3599
Sharon McKinnon Public Works Administrative Secretary 229-259-3585
Steven Jolly Public Works Mathis Auditorium Coordinator 229-333-1816
John Gayle Mayor City Hall 229-259-3500




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