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Our office is open Monday-Friday from 8:00am–5:00pm to help with your project. If you have questions prior to plan submittal, you have the option to schedule a meeting with staff to discuss your project. For development in the City of Valdosta contact the Planning & Zoning office at 229-259-3563 to schedule a First Step meeting.  For development in Lowndes County, a TRC meeting  can be scheduled by contacting the Lowndes County Planning office at 229-671-2430.
At a First Step or TRC meeting, many of the departments responsible for plan review will attend and you will receive valuable information about plan review. Take the time to review the Plan Review Submittal Requirements prior to submitting plans. Depending on the type of commercial project being proposed, the project will be classified as one of the following:

Scope of Work

The Scope of Work process is designed for minor changes to the inside or outside of a building. Examples include, but not limited to: handicap ramp, removal or installation of non-load bearing wall, installation or removal of serving counters, etc. Before work can begin, the project will need to be submitted through the electronic plan review link for review and approval.  Depending on the project, a site plan may also be needed.


Basic Plan Review

The Basic Plan Review process is designed for commercial construction projects that are under 5,000 sq ft, less than 3 stories in height, as well as certain occupancy classifications. Before work can begin plans must be submitted through the electronic plan review link for review and approval. We will need the Total square footage under roof included on the application. 


Plan Review Requiring Design Professional

The Plan Review process that requires a design professional is intended for in-depth commercial construction projects greater than 5,000 sq ft, more than three stories in height, or occupancy classifications such as Assembly, Daycare, Educational, and/or Institutional. Before work can begin, plans drawn by a registered Georgia design professional and a Plan Review Application must be submitted through the electronic plan review link. Please contact us for assistance with the process if necessary.  This also applies to cell tower antenna additions.


Plan Review Times

We strive to complete the review process as quickly as possible.  The length of time for review will depend on the completeness and accuracy of the information provided.  Plans are sent to the appropriate departments for review and/or approval. If additional information or changes are needed, comments will be collected from each department and an automated email will be sent to the point of contact(s) provided during submittal. Once all comments have been addressed, a revised set of plans may be required to be submitted for approval before a permit can be issued for construction.





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