The City of Valdosta provides medical, dental and life insurance coverage, Long Term Disability (LTD), retirement (pension) plan, optional Deferred Compensation (457b) Retirement Plan, paid time off, eight and one-half (8.5) days of paid holidays each calendar year, the Employee Assistance Program and prescription drug card program. Insurance coverage becomes effective on the first day of the month following the achievement of 30 days of employment. Employees are also given the option of purchasing medical, dental and life insurance for their verified eligible dependents. There are no maximums on the number of eligible dependents that may be covered.

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Important Contact Info



ELIGIBILITY VERIFICATION:                   800-523-0582

PRE-CERTIFICATION:                                  800-827-6730

ELIGIBILITY AND CLAIM STATUS:         708-647-3401

NURSE HOTLINE 24/7:                                  800-827-6730

CUSTOMER SERVICE:                                  800-843-3831

ELAP SERVICES:                                            800-977-7381

ELAP EMAIL:                                        

ELAP FAX:                                                        888-560-2447



Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance is administered by BAS (Benefit Administrative Systems). Employee only coverage is provided at a cost of $27.50 per employee per payday. Coverage may also be purchased for eligible dependents of the employee. Employees may make insurance selections during their new employee orientation session. The insurance selections must be made during the allotted timeframe following their date of employment.

Benefits selections may only be changed within thirty (30) days of employment, during the annual benefits open enrollment period (if placed under 125 pre-tax option) or if the employee experiences a qualifying status change event. Eligible benefits will begin the first day of the month following thirty (30) days of employment.

The current premiums are listed below and will be deducted each pay period:

  • Employee – $27.50 per payday (for Non-Smoker)
    • Tobacco users pay an additional $25.00 per pay period.
    • Eligible spouses who have other coverage available through their employer, but elect not to enroll in that coverage, will pay an additional $45.00 per pay period if placed under the qualifying employee's city coverage.
  • Dependent - Medical Cost:  Employees are given the option of purchasing medical/dental for eligible dependents.
    • Below are the rates for dependent coverage:


                                                                            EMPLOYEE    DEPENDENT           TOTAL   

Employee Only




Employee + Spouse




Employee + Spouse + 1 Child




Employee + Spouse + 2 Children




Employee + Spouse + 3 Children




Employee + Spouse + 4 or more children




Employee + 1 Child




Employee + 2 Children




Employee + 3 Children




Employee + 4 or more Children




  • Deductible:  A $500 deductible, per person, must be met each calendar year. In addition, employees must complete a wellness physical during the month of the employee's birth each year to qualify for the low deductible.
  • Prescription Drug Card Program:  The co-pay for prescriptions are as follows:
    • Generic:  $10
    • Brand Name:  $30.00
    • Non-Preferred:  $50.00

Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance coverage is offered to covered employees and eligible dependents. A tobacco rate also applies for dental coverage for employees and eligible dependents.

  • Premiums Per Pay Period:
    • Single/Individual Coverage: $6.00
    • Family Coverage:  $12.00
  • Deductible/Maximum:  A $100 deductible per person must be met each calendar year.  There is also a $1,000 per calendar year maximum per person.
  • Services:  Under the reasonable and customary charge, one oral examination (other than an emergency examination) and cleaning may be covered  at six-month intervals.
  • Orthodontics:  Orthodontic coverage is payable at 50%, with $1,000 lifetime maximum, and may include other applicable eligibility requirements.


Life Insurance

The City of Valdosta provides $10,000 in life insurance coverage to eligible employees at no cost to the employee.  Up to $150,000 in additional coverage may be purchased at the employee's expense.

Life insurance coverage is also available for eligible dependents of the employee, but must be purchased by the employee. Premiums for elected coverage will be deducted each pay period, for each valid eligible dependent enrollment, as follows:

Amount of Additional Coverage Elected Premium Per Pay Period
$2,000.00 $0.73
$5,000.00 $1.83
$10,000.00 $3.65


YMCA Membership

The local YMCA offers City of Valdosta employees a discounted membership fee that is automatically deducted each pay date - A joiner's fee of $25.00 is required.

Cost of membership per pay period is as follows:

  • Individual:  $17.50
  • Family:  $22.00


Long Term Disability

The City of Valdosta provides Long Term Disability benefits to eligible employees at no cost to the employee.  Long Term Disability benefits are payable after 180 days of continuous disability.


Short Term Disability

 Voluntary Short Term Disability coverage may be purchased through Taylor Insurance Company. Please contact City of Valdosta Human Resources Department at 229-259-3544 or Taylor Insurance Representative Tom Dorywalski at 229-292-0902 or 229-247-6411 for more information.


Pension Plan (Retirement)

City employees are required to become members of the City of Valdosta's Retirement plan. Current Class I employees contribute 3% of their salary.  Employees become vested after ten (10) continual years of service, and may qualify for an unreduced retirement benefit upon reaching the Rule of 80 (any combination of age and service equaling 80).  A reduced benefit is available for early retirement, if applicable.

The purpose of the City’s retirement plan is to provide additional income to make it easier for you and your family to be secure and independent in your retirement years. The plan is designed for career employees to help supplement Social Security benefits and personal savings for your retirement.

Class 1 Employees

Existing Class 1 employees and all employees hired after August 11, 2005 regardless of age are required to make personal, pre-tax contributions to the plan. Pre-tax contributions are made by payroll deduction. The contribution amount is equal to 3.0% of the employee’s current annual earnings.

Normal retirement age for Class 1 employees and all employees hired after August 11, 2005 is the Rule of 80 (any combination of your age and service that equals 80). There are also options for a reduced Early Retirement benefit if you are at least age 55 and have at least 10 years of credited service but do to meet the Rule of 80.

Class 2 Employees

Class 2 employees (hired before August 11, 2005 over 35 years of age) are not required to make any contributions toward the cost of the plan. Normal retirement age for Class 2 employees is age 65. There are also options for a reduced Early Retirement benefit if you are at least age 55 and have at least 10 years of credited service.


Deferred Compensation Retirement Plan

Deferred Compensation (457b) is a voluntary optional retirement investment plan, administered by EMPOWER Retirement.  Employees are eligible to invest pre-tax dollars through payroll deductions.

The Deferred Compensation Program is a voluntary way to make a difference in your financial future. You may join the growing family of public employees across the nation who are signing up for enhanced retirement security.

Participating in the Deferred Retirement plan is easy. You elect to contribute a portion of your pay to your plan account each pay period through convenient payroll deduction. Once in the plan, tax advantages give your retirement investments the ability to grow tax-deferred.

If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact the EMPOWER Main Office at 1-888-303-8726, or contact City of Valdosta EMPOWER Representative Don Wise at 904-562-9212 (cell) or

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Accrual will begin from the initial date of full time employment, but may not be used until the employee has completed at least six to twelve months' of continual service consistent with the probationary status.  Vacation and Sick Leave can accrue up to 12 days per year.



The City of Valdosta provides 8.5 days paid holidays each calendar year.  They are as follows:

  • New Year's Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Friday before Easter (Good Friday)
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • One-half Day Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day

If the holiday falls on a Saturday, the holiday is celebrated the preceding Friday.  If the holiday falls on a Sunday, the holiday is celebrated the following Monday.

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